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"For 17 years, our word is our word, our signature is Kadıoğlu" because "keeping your word", which has been the most important feature of Kadıoğlu Emlak & İnşaat since its first establishment, is one of the most valuable legacies for us. We have never broken our promises for any reason, and we have completed all our projects, signed We have completed and delivered them to their owners when we promised in the contract. We have never disappointed the landlords of the buildings we bought for flats, the residential areas from the new building. We fulfill the wishes of the landowners who handed over their buildings to us until their new buildings are finished, we pay the rents from the time they vacate the building to the new building and the taxes during the construction period of the land. Since our name is identified with trust, we act with the awareness that trust is our biggest capital. place of promise they know what to bring and customer satisfaction always comes first. The relationships we build and develop with our customers, suppliers and employees on the basis of trust are the most important factors in our success.

Expertise of Experience

Expertise of experience brings success. With the expertise brought by more than 17 years of experience in the Real Estate and Construction sector, we always work to give the better. As Özkan KADI, I personally lead each project at all stages, and I carry out the projects together with my team of experts.

While producing our projects, we offer solutions suitable for the structure of the region where the building is located, the texture of the district, the wishes and tastes of the land and flat owners.

We Don't Compromise Quality

We certainly do not compromise on quality. We take care to use special materials above the standards, from the foundation to the roof, from the interior design to the exterior of the building we build. We cooperate with brands that have proven their quality such as Vitra, Franke, Lineadecor, Siemens, Grohe, Çanakkale Seramik and Seranit. We make all the interior designs of the projects we have completed, place them up to the white goods and deliver them to their owners. During the 3-year warranty period we offer, we provide solutions to all kinds of problems of our customers without charge.

Safe Living Architecture

We create safe living spaces. When you want to buy or rent a house, it is now a necessity to consider the earthquake reality in Istanbul. Working with the building inspection companies recommended by the municipality, we build buildings that comply with the current earthquake regulations. By sharing the ground survey report and static project of the building with our customers, we ensure that there are no question marks. If we have customers who have doubts about durability, we cooperate with experts from a university by sharing our reports and reports on our entire project. We even ensure that concrete samples are taken and forwarded to the necessary institutions for examination. Since we create safe living spaces without sacrificing quality, we are able to sell the flats before the building starts. Our first and most important advice to our customers; You should definitely research whether the building is built in accordance with the earthquake regulations and make your decision accordingly.

Conformity to the Original District Texture

As an organization connected to the past, of course, we protect the original neighborhood texture without damaging it, and help carry our values ​​to the future. By preserving the characteristics of the neighborhood, we beautify our region with durable, stylish and prestigious buildings that are compatible with the surrounding texture. I believe that we contribute to the protection and beautification of the environment with specially designed buildings. We are building comfortable structures that carry the traces of the past but are also suitable for today's city life. In addition to being stylish, the buildings we build are appreciated for their strength and durability. With the understanding of "boutique construction", we develop our special projects, which we prepare for every structure, together with the building owners, and complete them by taking the opinions of the housing buyers.

Customizable Interior Designs

We have a service approach that meets the different demands and expectations of building owners and home buyers. Instead of selling concrete blocks that do not contain life, we offer personalized living options and create spaces that people will enjoy living in. That's why we prefer to create structures that appeal to wishes and dreams. We shape the interior decoration of professionally designed luxury apartments with the expectations and demands of our customers. We leave the material choices to our customers, to whom we offer free interior design consultancy services. Our customers, who are considering buying or renting a house from us, can share all their wishes with us with peace of mind and can decorate their houses as they wish.


The Customer Always Wins

Our projects are an important investment tool for building owners and our customers always win. because b

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